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WINS maintains an in-house stock of smokehouse parts necessary to facilitate shorter downtimes for your equipment.  Any orders for parts must submit a physical Purchase Order to

This page is still under construction. Additional parts being added.  If there is a specific part you need, please contact Pete Wiencek at 828-508-8420. 


Our inflatable, nitrile door gaskets made from EPDM and high temperature Silicone.  The gaskets feature fabric reinforcements at all of the splices to increase the life of the seals and are custom designed to fit your specific door size.  

Our EPDM gaskets have a temperature range of up to 275 degrees. Our silicone gaskets are a medium density and are temperature resistant up to 450 degrees.  



Gearmotors that are easy to operate and maintain due to lightweight and compact size.Helps reduce labor costs using a sealed for life design that delivers maximum efficiency


Reduces maintenance and downtime using a high-grade grease, standard, for maximum lubrication. Provides various options with several configurations and mounting positions.



The wet bulb socks are made of 100% cotton material and custom sized to fit your needs.


Wet bulb socks are one of the least expensive items used in the smokehouse cook cycle but also one of the most crucial.

If the product shrinkage is not controlled, there will be no uniformity in the product from one cook cycle to another.

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